What Happens Backstage at Awards Shows?

LITTLE BIG TOWN has seen their share of awards show dressing rooms . . . and they’re not as special as you may think.  Even though everyone’s primping and getting ready to be seen on TV, there’s hardly any privacy.

For one, they don’t have private rooms.  CHARLES KELLEY says, quote, “All the females are sharing one of the areas and the guys are sharing the other area, and there are people in and out.  It’s always pretty chaotic.”

DAVE HAYWOOD says, quote, “It’s like male locker rooms and female locker rooms.  We showered with LUKE [BRYAN].”

He may be exaggerating about Luke, but not the locker room part.  The CMAs are held at Bridgestone Arena, which is where the Nashville Predators NHL team plays . . . so the performers are literally getting ready inside hockey locker rooms.

Despite the chaos, there aren’t many divas.  Charles says being backstage is a blast, and some of the coolest stuff happens there.