Should Jimmy Fallon Have Been Tougher on Donald Trump? Some People Think So

There was really no substance to JIMMY FALLON’s interview with DONALD TRUMP on Thursday’s “Tonight Show”. In fact, the most talked-about moment was when Jimmy rubbed Donald’s hair, to prove that it’s “real”.

But since the show aired, several media critics have complained about how much Fallon went out of his way to glad-hand Trump and do absolutely NOTHING to upset him . . . or at least confront him.

A writer for the Huffington Post was upset that Fallon “humanized a dangerous man.” And a guy at “The Atlantic” called it an “embarrassment”.

He also listed every question Jimmy asked him . . . like, “Do you know what a coin is?” . . . “Have you ever played the board game Sorry?” . . . and “How do you not get sick from shaking all those hands?”

So here’s the question: Should Jimmy Fallon have been harder on Trump? Is there any point in holding him to some high journalistic standard? This is a guy who plays beer pong with Diane Keaton, for crying out loud.

It’s true, there are guys like Carson, Letterman, and Jon Stewart who could be both entertainers AND incisive social and political commentators. But that’s simply NOT WHAT FALLON IS.

Asking Fallon to call a guest on the carpet is like asking “Fuller House” to do an episode on international sex trafficking.

Also, it’s pretty obvious that these writers see Trump as a deplorable human being who should be attacked by everyone he comes face-to-face with. Well, that’s THEIR opinion . . . but it’s not EVERYONE’s.

So to recap, here’s what you’re just going to have to deal with: Not everyone hates Donald Trump, and Jimmy Fallon is not Edward R. Murrow. We cool with that?

Of course, there IS a possibility that Fallon tussling Trump’s hair was a very sly protest masquerading as buffoonery. Like, perhaps Fallon was thinking, “I’d never do something like this to a REAL candidate, but since Trump ain’t one, I’m going to go ahead”? Is it possible that Jimmy Fallon is smarter than us all?

By the way . . . Jimmy has HILLARY CLINTON on tonight, but he taped the interview Friday. And it looks like he was just as soft on her. The first thing he did was put on a SURGICAL MASK. Then he high-fived her . . . and immediately rubbed sanitizer on his hands.