Hey, I am Pretty Normal!

I am a bit of “sports geek”.  And at this time of year with baseball playoffs getting ready to start, and the high school, college, and pro football seasons commencing, I am in “Sports Viewing Heaven”!  But as I was recently setting the old DVR to catch a game I was planning on watching after watching the one I WAS watching, I got to thinking..”hey maybe I should seek some professional help…”Nah!!  according to a recent poll, 73% of Americans watch the NFL alone!!  See!  And across the board, viewership of MLB post season play is at an all-time high.  College football is, for the most part, the top watched weekend events as well.  So go ahead, get the snacks ready, grab a cold one, and let’s see what games are on!  It seems to be the NORMAL thing to do!