The Top Ten Hints Women Drop When They Want You to Propose

A new survey found that the average woman drops at least TWO hints when she’s ready for her boyfriend to propose. And they usually start doing it once they’ve been dating for three years. Here are the 10 most common hints they drop . . .

1. Casually asking, “Who would you have as your best man?”

2. Leaving pages in magazines open to engagement rings.

3. Stopping to look in jewelers’ windows.

4. Asking, “Do you see yourself getting married one day?”

5. Saying, “It could be us next” at a friend’s wedding.

6. Getting family members to ask, “So when are you two getting married?”

7. Playing with a ring on another finger.

8. Pointing out that a friend’s significant other proposed.

9. Talking about how long her parents have been married.

10. Watching TV shows and movies with wedding themes.