A Guy in a DeLorean Got Caught Going Over 88 Miles-Per-Hour

When you drive a DeLorean, you probably hear a lot of “Back to the Future” references. We’re assuming. Anyone out there with a DeLorean want to call in??? But if you DO drive one . . . don’t, like, take them seriously.

There’s a 55-year-old guy in Essex, England named Nigel Mills, and he drives a 1983 silver DeLorean, just like the one from “Back to the Future”. He bought it at an auction for about $29,000.

And earlier this year, he got busted for speeding. Only check this out . . . he was going 89 miles-per-hour. Yep . . . JUST over 88 miles-per-hour, which is how the DeLorean travels back in time in the movie.

Nigel was in court on Wednesday and he said, quote, “I can honestly say I wasn’t trying to time travel.”

He says it was just early on a Sunday morning, it was an open road, and he wanted to see what the car could do.

And . . . he actually WON the case. The judge threw it out because the prosecutors didn’t have enough evidence to prove he was going that fast.