Biggest Fan?..Yes, I Am!

To say this job I have has a “few cool perks” would be a bit of an understatement.  I mean, I get to yap, play some tunage, and get paid..yep, cool gig!  But whenever I get to meet and hang out with any members of our listening family, that’s what I enjoy the most.  And earlier this week I was blessed to meet Aaron Howsare.  Aaron claims he is my “biggest fan”, has listened for years, and knows a “boatload” about this old dawg..and WOW, he does!!  We hung out, played great music, debated the best Van Halen singer, and just had a good time for a bit in the ROCKY 104.9 studio!  I’m humbled Aaron..and NOW, I am YOUR biggest fan!  Thanks my friend!me-n-aaron