An Entire School Showed Up to Support a Teacher with Cancer

A guy named Ben Ellis teaches Latin at a Christian school in Nashville. And he’s been battling cancer for about nine months, so he’s been on sabbatical. (We’re not sure how old he is, but he looks like he’s in his 50’s.)

So his students decided to surprise him last Wednesday by showing up at his house. But not just a FEW of them . . . the entire SCHOOL went.

In less than 24 hours, three different people went to the principal with the same idea. So in the middle of the day, he told everyone to stop what they were doing, and they all loaded onto buses.

And apparently Ben had no idea until they showed up outside his window and started SINGING to him.

Then a video of it blew up on Saturday after TIM MCGRAW re-posted it on Facebook. And as of last night, it already had over 20 million views.