People Raised $100,000 for a 90-Year-Old Ice Cream Man Who Won’t Retire

There’s a guy in Chicago named Fidencio Sanchez, who makes about $50 a day pushing a cart around and selling popsicles. And he’s 90 . . . but still hasn’t retired.

Apparently he tried to stop about two months ago, and was planning to take it easy. But then his wife got sick, and unfortunately their daughter passed away. So they needed the money.

But the owner of a Mexican restaurant saw him out on the street last week, and bought 20 popsicles, just to give him an extra 50 bucks.

Then he heard Fidencio’s story, and decided that wasn’t enough. So he started a GoFundMe page on Friday to raise $3,000. And in one day, it raised over a HUNDRED GRAND.

As of last night, it was up to over $130,000. Which is more than Fidencio could make if he sold popsicles every day for the next five years. So he should be able to retire now.

If you want to help out, just search for “Relief for Fidencio” on