A Man Scares Off an Armed Robber By Throwing a 50-Inch TV at Him

If someone breaks into your house and points a gun at you and your family, I guess your instincts would be to grab whatever weapon you can . . . even something that’s totally NOT a weapon.

A guy named John Sullivan was at home in Kansas City, Missouri last week, when a man busted into the house and pointed a GUN at him.

His wife and his four sons were all sleeping upstairs, and John’s immediate reaction was to protect them.

So he grabbed the first thing he could . . . which turned out to be his 30-pound, 50-inch flat screen TV. And he THREW it across the room at the guy.

And . . . it worked. The guy ran out of the house, jumped into his getaway car, and drove off. The cops are trying to track him down.

And the most amazing part is, John didn’t even destroy the TV. There are a few cracks on the top of the frame, but otherwise it’s in good shape.

Missouri dad hurls 50-inch TV at burglar who burst into home