A Salesman Bought a Kid the Shoes He Couldn’t Afford

A guy named Osmani Torres was in the middle of his shift at a Finish Line shoe store in Boston the other day. (We’re not sure how old he is, but he looks like he’s about 30.)

And a kid named Sebastian who looks like he’s about 10 walked up and asked where their cheapest shoes were. Then Osmani noticed that the ones he had on were pretty ripped up.

So he asked Sebastian if he needed them for school . . . and he did. He said he had to start the year with his old shoes, because his mom didn’t have money for new ones.

So Osmani told him to pick out ANY pair of shoes in the store. Then HE paid for them out of his own pocket.

He wrote on Facebook that the whole thing broke his heart . . . he wanted the kid to have shoes he thought were cool, not just the cheapest ones in the store.

He also said Sebastian was psyched when he realized he wasn’t joking. And in return, he promised to try hard in school this year, and keep his grades up.

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