Please Don’t Hate Me!! (Especially IF They Win)!

Oh, I hear Udo Dierkschneider and ACCEPT singing..”I’m A Rebel!..dontcha’ just know it…”Here in the early part of the new football seasons, my two beloved teams will do battle with the area’s top choices as my Pitt Panthers go against Penn State on Saturday, and then Monday night I will travel down to Landover and take my seat at FedEx Field and root for the Redskins to topple the Steelers!!  Now, before you vow to never listen to my radio shows again, remember “variety is the spice of life”!!  Always been a “Pitt Guy” and a life-long ‘Skins fan too! And I am hoping that come Tuesday morning I am not so popular “round these parts”! Hail to Pitt! Hail to the Redskins!  (I am such a rebel!)