Eight Things That Just Aren’t Cool Anymore

What is and isn’t cool changes frequently . . . and that transition usually happens once people’s parents find out what’s cool and try to get in on it.

There’s a discussion on Reddit right now where people are talking about things that USED to be cool but just aren’t anymore. Here are eight of the best answers . . .

1. Pushing people into swimming pools. Now that we all have electronics in our pockets, the prank becomes an expensive disaster.

2. Facebook.

3. Shirts and posters that use the “Keep Calm” phrase, like “Keep Calm and Eat Nachos” or “Keep Calm and Do the Harlem Shake” or whatever.

4. MTV.

5. Using text language, like the letter “u” instead of the word “you.” No one texts like that anymore.

6. Wearing those silicone wristbands for different causes.

7. Wearing a backpack with just one strap. Using both straps is okay again.

8. Smoking cigarettes.

What is just not cool anymore? from AskReddit