A Guy Robs a Bank Because Jail Is Better Than Living With His Wife

A 70-year-old guy named Lawrence Ripple walked into a bank in Kansas City, Kansas on Friday afternoon, and passed the teller a note that said, quote, “I have a gun, give me your cash.” And the teller gave him about $2,900.

But instead of running away, Lawrence sat down in the LOBBY with his stolen money. And the cops got there a few minutes later, since the police headquarters is on the same block.

When they asked Lawrence why he just sat there waiting for them, he explained that he WANTED to go to jail . . . because it was a better situation than living with his wife.

He even said he wrote out his robbery note in front of her before he stormed out of the house, just so she knew how he felt and what he was about to do.

He’s looking at federal robbery charges.

This is one way to get out of a bad marriage.