16 Years..Glad it’s Back!!

Okay, so both Penn State and Pitt’s football teams got season-opening wins, albeit not so impressive wins, but wins nonetheless, and NOW..it’s time!!  Fusina, Dorsett, Green, Ham, Marino, Cappelletti,  The list is incredible of great names of players that have been involved in the PITT/PSU is endless, and brings back wonderful and heartbreaking memories all the same.  This used to be one of the greatest rivalries in all of college football, ranking with the likes of Oklahoma/Nebraska, Michigan/Ohio State or Notre Dame/USC!  Bragging rights with national championships hanging in the balance sometimes!  Heck, it split apart some families or even marriages for a weekend each Fall, and now it’s BACK!  Maybe only for a few short years, but it’s BACK! And with all of the bad stuff we have to endure as sports fans, this is a refreshing detour.  I know it’s only Week-2, but it’s Pitt vs Penn State!!  And I would bet if you ask a Nittany Lion fan..that 12-nothing loss back in 2000 still leaves a “little bad taste”, one that they have been waiting 16 years for State to avenge!  This Saturday, they FINALLY get their chance!