Nobody’s Having More Fun Than Luke Bryan

The reason LUKE BRYAN is always smiling is because he really IS having that much fun.

He was asked to describe the difference between being the huge star that he is now . . . doing shows in front of thousands of people . . . to the days when he was a nobody working to tiny little crowds.

He said,  “Every level of this business I’ve been in, I’ve really loved.  I was doing it back then because I loved it.  It was a blast, and it’s the same thing now.”

And he says if the day ever comes that he’s NOT the giddiest person in the room, well, that’s when he’s going to seriously consider slowing things down.

Maybe his secret is that he doesn’t even consider performing to be a job.  He says it’s more like hosting a party.  “I love hosting these nights because I love watching people enjoy themselves.  But nobody’s having more fun than me.”