Okay, So I’m Still A Bit of A Fan!

When I was a younger man I LIVED for live concerts!!  And it all started in 1975, as an 8th grader I begged my parents to allow me..along with a group of my buddies..to take a Blue & White bus trip to..woo…JOHNSTOWN, to see KISS!  The “Alive” Tour changed me forever!  I was addicted..next, Aerosmith, ZZTop, Humble Pie, Motorhead, Blue Oyster Cult…on and on.  But like all things, as I aged, I went to fewer and fewer shows.  But as Paul Stanley so succinctly put it at the BJC Tuesday night..”You never forget your first KISS”, and I didn’t.  I felt like that 13 year old kid again..it was just 41 years and a whole lotta shows later!!!