Marching Metal? Cool!

Ahh!  Friday night, and got to go see a little High School Football!  And although I “Bleed Marauder Purple & Gold”, I made my way to the “booming metropolis” of Williamsburg for the BLOO Pirates home opener against Glendale!!  The game itself was pretty one-sided as the ‘Burg blasted the Vikings 35 to nothing, but woah…whatta’ halftime!!! Both bands were stellar (hey, I am a former band-geek!), and their choices of music smoked!  Glendale did a QUEEN medley..yep, Freddie woulda’ been proud!  And then Williamsburg did a very “cowbell-heavy” 3-song performance including, Blue Oyster Cult, War, and Deep Purple!!  THIS is NOT what we got to play when I marched!!  I think the heaviest stuff we turned out, mighta’ been a Chicago tune!  Way to go band directors at both Williamsburg and Glendale..loved it!!  Now…how about some say…Motorhead??  Yeah!!