Smell of the Concession Stand, and Remembering an Old Friend

Tonight, high schools across our region will kick off another season of football, and I must admit, it really IS one of the most wonderful times of the year for me,  but at the same time..I get a little sad too.  Y’see for quite a few years I would start “prepping” for this night..opening night, by attending summer practices, attending scrimmages with my broadcast partner Paul Engleman, going over stats from the past season, talking with the coaches, and even listening to a few old taped broadcasts of mine to..”get back into form” as the “Voice of Bishop Guilfoyle Marauders Football”!  Yep, I was even there when the Purple & Gold WERE NOT STATE CHAMPIONS!!  But now that I don’t do the games anymore I get a bit sad when this time rolls around each year.  And of course, Altoona High School football in this area is synonymous with my late, dear friend and mentor, Charlie Weston.  A tear comes to my eye even as I type this blog and think of Charlie and how we would “bond” over our seasons, our teams, and all the mishaps we lovingly encountered,  and all it entailed every year.  So tonight, I will sit in the stands, enjoy the smells of the concession stand, and remember an old friend.