Changes in Baseball? Are You Kidding Me?

Ever hear “If it Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It”?  Well, recently the head of Major League Baseball has said that due to a lack of “action”  this season, some radical changes are being considered for America’s Past time.  Commish Rob Manfred says everything will be under review, like pitching changes to strike zones to time clocks for pitchers!!  Are you @#$%* kidding me!!??  Manfred is basically saying “nothing is sacred” in an attempt to provide “more action” and speed up the pace of games!!  I’m sorry there Mr. Manfred, but part of the beauty of the game of baseball is..NO CLOCK..yep, it’s the only major team sport not dictated to by a clock ticking away.  Leisurely paced, go grab a beer and some chips during a pitching change!  There is a 7th inning stretch for goodness sake!!  In this fast-paced, hurry up, get everything done yesterday world, can we please just let the beauty of the grand old game be??  I mean, think about it, in 1973 the American League adopted the designated hitter rule, and most of us baseball fans STILL DON’T AGREE WITH THAT!!  And now you wanna mess things up in a game that has been going strong for hundreds of years??!!  Attendance continues to increase year in and year out, but I guess SOME people are too busy or important to sit, relax, and enjoy an afternoon at the ballpark..Geez!