Is NO Song Sacred??!!

As I like to do every day before taking to the :”Air Chair”, I look through all of the publications that are available to me here at the Forever Compound..y’know, to get updated on news, sports, entertainment I can share it with all of you.  That’s when I came across an article about David Lee Roth doing Gerry Rafferty’s “Baker Street”.  Okay, I looked in to it further, and the cover of the 70’s classic was “kinda’ cool, but that led me to Rick Astley covering the AC/DC classic “Highway to Hell”!!!  AAARRGH!  Can’t  REALLY be true, right?  Looked it up as well, and oooh, there it WAS!  Guess the 80’s pop-star is touring clubs now, supporting his new effort, and decided to take to a drumset and do an encore of the Bon Scott gem!!  Well, there again, back in the 90’s Pat Boone DID do a “Metal-Covers” album called “No More Mr. Nice Guy” where he covered Deep Purple, Judas Priest , and yes..AC/DC!  Here’s Mr. at your own risk!!