Say What You Will, But Trump has Changed Things

Back months ago when the Republican Party had like 476 candidates vying for the GOP Presidential nomination I will admit I was kinda “leaning” towards young Marco Rubio.  But as one by one the hopefuls faded and fell away, I kept listening to Mr. Trump’s message and watching something incredible happening…people were realizing “hey this is OUR COUNTRY and We The People are tired of being told how we are to think, speak, and yep even..who to vote for!!!”  DT may be a little abrasive, sometimes speaking when he should be quiet, and he is definitely NOT a politician!  But he IS “The Change” that people have been waiting YEARS for!!  I don’t know if he will win this thing in the end..but trust me when I tell you..”established, pro politicians” are scared..because Donald Trump has forever changed the way our wonderful country will choose and elect its future leaders!  And I think by the anticipation of his arrival right here in Altoona, a lot of folks feel the same way I do.  Thanks Don!!