One of Those Banner, Totally Awesome Days!

I have a list in my head of really cool, and wonderful days and events listed in my mind that will forever be there, and yesterday, August 11, 2016 will make it on my list!

Things like, the birth of my children, having dinner with Hall-of-Famerpnc luxury 2  Willie Stargell as a 10-year old boy, meeting Kiss after winning a National songwriting contest, my first Redskins game as a season ticket holder, walking my oldest down the aisle, playing on stage with the late-great Jeff Healy, yep..all pretty awesome days in the life of this old dawg!  And now, “CHECK”..thanks to my boss, Bobbi and all the great people I work for at Forever Media, I can now say I enjoyed an incredible afternoon of Pirates baseball at PNC Park in a luxury suite!!  Woah, air conditioned comfort if I wanted, great food and beverages, incredible view, and THEY WON TOO!

I like to think of myself as a pretty simple, down to earth when an extra-good day happens..I just can’t hold it in!