Going To See KISS? Get There Early To See Daisies Too!

At the end of the month, August 30th, “The Hottest Band In the World” will be back in Happy Valley as KISS invades Bryce Jordan Center!  Now, by now you know I am an enormous fan of KISS, and one of the things I have always admired about them is their choices of opening acts.  Paul and the boys tend to help out “up and comers” like, um..Rush, Bob Seger, Bon Jovi, over the years, and this tour is no different as the opener will be Australian/Los Angeles hybrids The Dead Daisies.  TDD features Whitesnake alums, Brian Tichy and Doug Aldrich, and a guy I have raved about for many years as one of the best “unknown-famous” rock vocalists out there, John Corabi!!  Don’t get me started again on his short stint in Motley Crue..his ONE album in Crue smoked and I truly wish that he would have done many more with them because he took the band to a “different level”!  Anyhow, enjoy the show, and get there early to see the Daisies, you’ll thank me for the heads up!