Florida Georgia Line Wants You to Know They’re Not Anti-Police

FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE is still on damage control over last weekend’s reports that they refused to let the police go backstage at their shows.  They issued a statement yesterday hoping to clear things up.

They started by saying “you won’t find two guys who are more supportive” of the police than they are.  They called whole thing “a misunderstanding” that was “blown out of proportion” and “taken out of context.”

As for the actual reason:  They said it would’ve been “redundant” to use local authorities because they have their own security.  They said some acts accept a police presence backstage, but most don’t.

They drove the point home by saying quote, “We have an enormous amount of respect for the brave men and women who protect our communities and allow us and our fans to have a good time at our shows.”

In other Florida Georgia Line news.  Their third album, “Dig Your Roots”, will be out August 27th.  They describe it as having “beautiful love songs, spiritual songs, and party songs.”