Another Part of an Awesome Childhood, Gone

Long sticks of “Bub’s Daddy” gum, being told to come home when the street lights came on, riding your bike behind the “fogger truck”, and watching Studio Wrestling and Chiller Theater on Saturdays.  Wow!  growing up in the 60’s and 70’s was a good time to be a kid.  That’s why when I heard Pittsburgh TV man Bill Cardille passed away recently, I felt a little “twinge”.  “Chilly Billy” was a part of my young television life, along with Paul Shannon’s “Adventure Time”, and Captain Jim’s”

Popeye Club”, all great Pittsburgh based shows that I watched on the old black and white in the “Randyll Family Rec Room”.  Cardille probably had as much to do with me getting into broadcasting as Bob Prince for that matter.  I thought “Chilly Billy” was so cool!  I really hope someone, somehow, can resurrect some of those old shows, and give us all just a little piece of this Steel City legend one more time!  I’ll bet I could EVEN make it through the entire second feature now!