News Flash: Tyler Hubbard Has Quit Social Media

You can add TYLER HUBBARD’s name to the list of country stars who’ve quit social media.  What do you give him, a week?  Two?

He posted the big news on Instagram, where else, saying that he’s been spending too much of his “valuable time” worrying about his next post, or how many comments he gets.  He wants to focus more on his relationships, his family, and his music.

Here’s the silver lining.  We may be the ones who benefit.  He said, quote, “Maybe I’ll even learn a new instrument instead of learning how to Snapchat.”  I know he plays guitar and sings, so, what do you think?  Drums?  Fiddle?  Sax?

Don’t get all depressed about this because his FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE band mate BRIAN KELLEY still has a strong social media presence.  And by “strong” I mean frivolous.  Yesterday, he posted video of a hummingbird outside his tree house.