Why Does Eric Paslay Need to Down Orange Juice on Stage?

ERIC PASLAY does a lot of drinking on stage . . . but it’s not alcohol.  His cup is filled with ORANGE JUICE, because he’s diabetic.  And it took a while for him to learn the right “dosage” while he’s out there getting sweaty.

He says he used to get super low, and tell someone, quote, “‘I need orange juice right now.’  They’d run a red Solo cup up to me, and I’d down it.”  So people in the crowd thought he was getting hammered with them.

These days he wears a monitoring device that sends a reading to his phone every five minutes.  His wife and his tour manager are off stage, so if the reading is low, they’ll make sure he drinks his juice.

He’s got it down to taking three or four sips at a time, and then he’s good to go for up to an hour.  Quote, “I’ll just go back, and take a sip and keep on rocking.  The fans don’t even know that I could have gone low.”

Eric was diagnosed when he was 10, and he’s spent most of his life learning what foods he can eat, and what he should avoid . . . and he’s now very much “in tune” with his body.