Craig Morgan’s 19-Year-Old Son Died After a Tubing Accident on Sunday

CRAIG MORGAN’s 19-year-old son Jerry Greer died after a tubing accident on Sunday.  This was on Kentucky Lake, about 100 miles northwest of Nashville.

According to one report, Jerry and a friend were on tubes being pulled by a boat when they hit a wave and crashed into the water.  And even though each of them was wearing a life jacket, Jerry never surfaced.  Crews started searching on Sunday.

At one point there were 80 people, about two-dozen boats, AND a helicopter involved in the search.  His body was recovered last night just before 9:00 P.M., and he was still wearing his life jacket.

Jerry had just graduated from high school and was planning to play football at Marshall University in the fall.  Craig and his wife Karen have three other children.  A daughter named Alex, and two other sons, Kyle and Wyatt.  Craig’s last name is Greer.

The family released a statement saying, “We’re grateful for the outpouring of support and requests and prayers as we privately mourn this terrible loss.”