Eat ‘Em Turns 30!

Wow!  How time flies!!  Even in the World of Rock!  It was 30 years ago this past week that front-man David Lee Roth released his first full-length solo record, “EAT ‘EM AND SMILE”.  As a fan, I wasn’t really enamored with his “Crazy From the Heat” EP, so I anxiously awaited to see what Diamond could do with a full-tilt, kick your face, backing band of Stevie Vai, Greg Bissonette, and Billy Sheehan.  Woah!!  Slinky, sloppy, sassy, crunchy, punchy cool stuff!!  I mean, “Yankee Rose” made you  look at “Lady Liberty” in a whole new, ahem..way, “Elephant Gun”, “Tobacco Road”, and even “Ladies Night in Buffalo”..this was kicking, fun, kinda loosy-goosy  effort that got me to the concert venue to check this all out live!!  But, soon Sheehan, then Vai left, and “What Mighta Been” faded in just a few more albums! (which all have their moments)  I was glad when DL and VH reconnected a few years ago and did some new stuff, but what I would REALLY like to see, is say, an “EAT ‘EM 30th Anniversary Tour” with all of the original cast…and yep, I would be there to see it!!  Any other takers?