Rock Cowbell Top-10!

So I’m jamming out to a little Cinderella tunage off the “Night Songs” album, and I am thinking how cool and “out front” the cowbell sounds in “Shake Me”..well, as I have discussed in previous posts, my life at times can be a little boooorrriiinng!  And so I decided it was time to list MY “All-Time Rock n Roll List of My Favorite Cowbell Songs”!! Now, I am sure it’s been done before, but bear with me, and let me know what you think..agree or disagree??

Honorable Mentions Include:  the aforementioned “Shake Me” from the ‘Rella Boys., Stone Free from Hendrix is very “bell banging” as well, there’s GNR with “it’s So Easy”, Bob Seger and “Her Strut.,Foghat, Def Leppard, Rick Derringer, Free,..aah so many!!’s my Top-10:

10. Moby Dick-Led Zeppelin..duh, Bonham using percussion and slaying the whale!

9.   Down On the Corner the band, they had a bunch of cow-belled stuff, but this is my pick!

8.  Honky Tonk Women-Rolling Stones..the song gets going thanks to Mr. Watts “tinkin the tin”.

7.  Lowrider-WAR ..Identifiable by EVERYONE the minute this tune kicks off!

6.  Cold Ethyl-Alice Cooper..Welcome to His Cowbell, I think you’re gonna like it.

5.  Calling Dr. Love-KISS..C’mon!! KISS, Gene  playin doctor ,AND cowbell!!  Yup.

4.  We’re An American Band-Grand Funk Railroad.. 70’s Party Rock..and the party gets started with cowbell!

3.  Mississippi Queen-Mountain..Corky Laing and Company..the cowbell in this brings a tear to my eye!

2. Don’t Fear The Reaper-BOC..This is THE ONE that brought it all to a forefront! Thanks Will and Walken!

1. Hair of the Dog-Nazareth..All others pale in comparison to this “hairy cow-belled beast”.


Now, I KNOW I left a bunch off!! It’s MY list!!  Maybe sometime we can sit down over a “manly cocktail” and debate!  Heck, blues guys have used it, pop stars and rappers,,country folks too.   Even Elvis went to the ‘bell a time or two.  The cowbell TRULY is a musical gem that can kick a song in its sorry butt and take it to another level.  So in those infamous words of Bruce Dickenson (Christopher Walken, not the Iron Maiden singer).  “I got a fever..and the only prescription is MORE COWBELL!”