Reassessment? Where do YOU fall?

This morning my beloved, although sometimes gruff partner came into work exceptionally “ruffled”, y’see, he got his County Reassessment Notice in the mail, and WAS NOT very happy!  So he posted his displeasure on our Facebook page (Wfbgsteveandjay) and we got a lot of feedback!  Now, from what I understood, a third of taxpayers would see an increase, a third a decrease, and a third would remain the same.  But from looking at the early responses, it’s not shaking out that way!  Most respondents  were seeing the increase (as am I, although pleasantly surprised at the small bump) and are, to put it mildly..angry! And, rightfully so!  Some of the listeners talked about having to possibly sell homesteads!  There are quite a few of us on that beloved “fixed income”.  We barely eke by now!  This is a scary, unsettling time for a lot of us, and my heart does go out to you!!  Get mad, get information, and get in touch with our Commissioners and/or the County Reassessment office at 814-317-5353.  Blair County is encouraging us to check our property data.  Follow the “My Property” link at:  www.BLAIRCO.ORG/ONLINE. And of course, call us any morning if you just wanna vent!!