Remembering Dennie Huber

We recently said a sad goodbye to a local icon, Dennie Huber. I’ve known Dennie for a long time, and was always happy to see him whenever our paths crossed.

He called himself a balloon artist, but he was so very much more. Dennie devoted his life to spreading smiles, happiness and joy. Dennie was a big man in every way, walking tall with an open heart, and a wide smile for everyone. He’ll be missed far and wide.

Two of his dearest friends, Cory Geishauser and Jack Servello, who are also local entertainers, shared some memories with me recently.



Dennie has been nominated for several awards post-humously, and he’s certainly deserving. We’ll keep you posted.

Cory told me that Dennie started every show with a song that makes all of our hearts sing: