Jason Aldean Is “Hooked” on The Kardashians

JASON ALDEAN and his wife BRITTANY KERR posted a couple of videos where they answer questions from fans.  They were pretty honest, and even agreed to reveal something about each other that nobody else knows.

Brittany said, quote, “He doesn’t like to go barefoot.  He could be going from the bed to the bathroom and has to put flip flops on, or tennis shoes or something, [even] in the house.”  Jason didn’t deny it, quote, “I just don’t like dirt on the bottom of my feet.”

He got her back by explaining how she uses a blow dryer to warm up the covers each night, because she doesn’t like getting into a cold bed.  (Those two reveals are here.)

Hunting’s an issue because it’s one of his passions, but she loves animals so much she “needs therapy.”  Their agreement is that he doesn’t hunt on their property.

Another reveal is that they BOTH binge watch the “Kardashians”.  Jason said, “Now I know more than I ever cared to about all of them.”  She jumped in with, “Don’t let him fool you.  He likes it.”  And then he admitted that he’s “hooked.”

They also binge on “Shark Week”, “48 Hours”, and “Dateline”.