Eye Docs Rock!!

Hey, getting older DOES require a little more maintenance.  So I make sure to make and keep my appointments with my various doctors and such.  And recently I made my trip to the eye-guys, Doctors Don Snyder and Dave Odroneic.  I have been going to these two for quite a while, and it never ceases to amaze me, that before the open a chart, they know:  My family history includes macular degeneration, I am red-green deficient (color blind), am near sighted, and even that I am a HUGE Pirates fan!! Super thorough examination, done quickly and professionally.  I’m not there forever!  Unbelievable staff too!  They call me by my first name as soon as I walked in.  What I’m trying to get at is..I have a full slate, but I have to take care of myself,  so when I get good, quick, professional care, I am pretty pleased.  Thanks docs, you rock!! (And I got cool, new frames too!)doc snyder