Ronnie Dunn Wants to Arm and Train Americans to Fight ISIS

RONNIE DUNN didn’t like what he heard when PRESIDENT OBAMA addressed the nation after the tragedy in Orlando, so he took to social media to express his feelings.

In a message on Facebook he accused Obama of “implying” the violence will stop “if guns are taken away.”  Naturally, the post got tons of shares and comments on both sides of the gun debate.

But Ronnie isn’t just trying to stir the pot . . . he has a plan.  In a follow-up post he wrote, “I hope liberals don’t take this wrong but I think we should arm America [and] properly screen and train Americans first.”

He drew a parallel to World War 2, suggesting that we waited too long before entering that conflict.  He doesn’t want us to sit on our hands again because he’s convinced ISIS has “infiltrated America” and the “violence is going to escalate.”

He added, quote, “We’re entering a dark period in history where evil is on the march against good.  We the people have to participate, but not until we are qualified.”