Betting on The Election?!…You Bet!

Came home from a grueling morning of work at the old “radiator station” and jumped online to get updated on what’s happening, and lo and behold…LOTS OF POLITICAL STUFF!  Ho hum!  But then I see where a company called Predict It actually is taking small wager amounts on Donald and Hill’s Veep choices!!  I kid you not!!  Here’s how Predict It has things set up:

For Clinton:

Senator Tim Kaine of VA is the top pick at 20%

Senator Elizabeth Warren of MASS is next at 17%


For Trump:

Senator Jeff Sessions from Alabama is the pick at 20%

Iowa Senator Joni Ernst is #2 at 17%


And for small amounts of moolah folks can actually wager on these or other choices!!  (I like Newt as the “darkhorse!! )

Wow, next thing y’know Draft Kings will get in on this stuff!  Hang’s gonna be an interesting couple of months til November!