Spoiled Sports Fans Here

Amazing, but here go the Pittsburgh Penguins into ANOTHER Stanley Cup Championship!  For the 5th time!!!  The franchise has only been in existence since 1967.  It really is amazing when you think about the success of the Steel City’s success with their three major sports franchises.  Some cities have FOUR pro teams and rarely get a “sniff at postseason play”! (Hey NO Redskins jokes here!).  But yet I hear folks complaining about the Stillers falling short the last couple of years, about how Clint Hurdle chokes in the playoffs…..seriously??!! I started following the Penguins around 1977 back when Johnny Wilson was the coach and it was exciting because THAT team won 25 games!!  If you are a fan of any or all of the Black & Gold, enjoy this!  Now, I wanna see us whoop up and have a “Shark Sandwich” (Spinal Tap reference). And Let’s Go Pens!!