Anvil Still Bangin’, Scorps Still Stingin’..I Relate

I proudly state “I am a metalhead”.  Yep, have been for most of my life.  Used to be the first kid in the neighborhood to show off and crank up the latest British import after a trip on my 10-speed to the local record store.  That’s why I love to see some of the bands “I cut my metal teeth on” still out there and playing and recording.  I mean, c’mon how cool is it to hear that the Scorpions are entering their 51st year, Saxon and Anvil putting out new music..good, crunchy stuff too!  Now, I agree, sometimes these “Metallers” may not LOOK so great, but how many of us would after living our lives in a bus or van, and playing night after night?  (I mean, I just turned 54 and I try to avoid reflective surfaces)..but the MUSIC is STILL THERE!!  Take a trip down your own “metal-memory lane” , see if some of your old favorites are still out there..and BANG YOUR HEAD!!  (Just be careful, you might pull something!)