Another Musician in RNR Heaven

So, I just celebrated another birthday.  Trust me, all the adages, “time is short”, “live each day like it’s your last”, “you are only as old as you feel”..all start to take on deeper meaning with me as the years roll on.  I have lost a good number of friends over the last few years, some younger, some older, so I know there are no guarantees. Andt then I turn on the old computer here and I see another musician has gone to the “GREAT JAM BAND IN THE SKY”.Drummer Nick Menza of Megadeth fame.  Just 51 years old and died on stage of an apparent heart attack Saturday night while playing a club gig with his current band!   Reports say Menza was in relatively healthy shape, didn’t abuse substances and such. So I start reflecting, and it really IS true..on your headstone everyone of us has a birth date and a date of death…it is what YOU DO with the dash in between those dates that truly matters!

God bless and rest in peace Nick!