Does Blake Shelton’s New Album Take a Few Shots at Miranda Lambert?

Entertainment Weekly posted sample lyrics to the songs on BLAKE SHELTON’s new album “If I’m Honest”, which is out tomorrow . . . and a couple of them sound like he’s ripping on MIRANDA LAMBERT.

One is called “She’s Got A Way With Words”, and it includes the lyrics:  “She put the her in hurt.  She put the why in try.  She put the S.O.B. in sober.  She put the hang in hangover.  She put the ex in sex.  She put the low in blow.  Yeah, she’s got a way.  She’s got a way with words.”

Another is “Bet You Still Think About Me”, and it goes:  “There’s just something about you, baby.  There’s nothing that I can do.  I think about you, you were always wild and free.  I know we couldn’t hold on forever, but baby I bet you still think about me.”

Even though Blake didn’t write either of those songs, he’s been talking about  how REAL the album is.  In fact, a couple of days ago he called it, quote, “basically autobiographical.”  So it seems pretty obvious who he’s talking about.

There’s certainly more to the album than the breakup stuff.  There’s also the spiritual song “Savior’s Shadow”, which is one that he co-wrote . . . and he just released the video to that.