I Really DO Read the Articles…..NOW!

When PLAYBOY announced back in October of 2015 that it would be “Robing It’s Playmates in early 2016”, a lot of folks thought that it would soon be the end for this iconic magazine.  Well, to be honest, I hadn’t really purchased the mag in decades, so I didn’t really pay it much mind.  But a friend of mine has been buying it by subscription for years. So when the first “non nude issue” came out in March of this year, he brought his copy over for me to “give an opinion”, and he has since brought over April as well.  I have looked them over, and…..still beautiful women, but now leaving something to our imagination,and articles on stuff us guys care about like motorcycles, movies, and sports.  And yep, I did read the articles, plus I don’t have to hide it in a sock drawer in case by daughters come for a visit  So, I say it’s a pretty good men’s magazine.