Volunteer Firefighters Rock!!

Had a chance to interview with some fine folks recently, and we talked about the importance of volunteer firefighters.  And y’know, right now there is a SERIOUS shortage of them in our area!  Wow..did some research, and I learned that volunteer firefighters comprise 71% of ALL firefighters in these United States!  In fact, out of the 30-thousand fire departments across our nation, around 21-thousand of those are volunteer departments!!  THAT’S VOLUNTEER..no pay, hard work, dangerous situations, and in most cases our first line of defense not only against fires, but traffic accidents, medical emergencies, water rescues, and more!  Kudos to all of them!    I have a handful of friends who take on this brave endeavor, and I am in awe at their dedication! So if you are able to help out, you should!  You’ll get the proper training and any equipment you would need, at NO COST!  Good place to start..DelGrosso’s Amusement Park this Sunday, May 15th, from 11 am til 4 pm, for FIREFIGHTERS APPRECIATION DAY, where you can get all your questions answered, learn some things, have a good time, and maybe eventually become a true hero!