Credit The Wives with Convincing Florida Georgia Line to Record “H.O.L.Y.”

FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE’s song “H.O.L.Y.” is barely out of the box, and it’s already number one on “Billboard’s” Top Country Songs chart.  Good thing BRIAN KELLEY and TYLER HUBBARD listened to their wives.

They knew it COULD be a hit as soon as they heard it, but they weren’t sure it was their kind of song.  But they came around after getting advice from a couple of reliable sources.

Tyler told “Billboard”, quote, “There were three instances where our wives asked us about “H.O.L.Y.”, and when we said we were considering it, they said we had to cut it.  We feel like the song is anointed.”

“H.O.L.Y.” is the first single from their album “Dig Your Roots”, which will be out in August.