It’s Early….and THEY ARE the Cubs!!!

Wow!!  Chicago’s baseball teams are smokin!  Both the Cubs and White Sox are tearing it up!  But c’mon gang, we are only about a month into a new MLB season and folks are already talking about how the Cubbies are gonna run away and hide with the NL Central (especially after spanking my beloved Pirates in a 3-game sweep)!  Jake Arrieta is good, BUT last time I checked, he hasn’t pulled off “walking on water” yet!  And if Joe Maddon is such a did he lose a job in Tampa Bay!!  Guess what I’m getting at is..(oh, here’s one that NEVER gets used)it’s a looooonnnggg time between now and October!  And remember, they didn’t get the moniker “Baseball’s Lovable LOSERS” by accident!!