Will Sam Hunt Have a Snoop Dogg Song On His Next Album?

You may have heard that SAM HUNT brought out some guest artists to perform at last weekend’s Stagecoach Festival.  One of them was SNOOP DOGG . . . and he actually pitched Sam some songs for him to record.

Sam said, quote, “I was just flattered that he was interested enough to offer those opportunities and contribute.  I love that, stereotypes aside, he loves music and genres don’t matter.”

“Billboard” asked Snoop about it, and he sounded excited.  He presented Sam with four songs that will hopefully make the record.  Quote, “One of them is ‘So Proud To Be An American’.  It’s an anthem and it makes you feel good to be who you are.”

Sam’s totally open to the idea.  He says he wants the record to be really diverse in terms of styles of songs, and he doesn’t have plans to go in a specific direction.

He’s collecting as many ideas as he can, and heading to Nashville in the fall to get started on it.