Ouch! Here Comes the Yard Work!

Yup, warmer weather has teased us for weeks now, but I THINK it’s official…Spring has Sprung!  And with all the good stuff like chirping birds, and budding plants, and everything being so green, comes…dunt-dunt-dah…yard work!!!!  Now, I am like the next guy, I like to get outside and enjoy Mother Nature, but I’m not a big fan of all the work it takes to get things around the old “Randyll Mansion” looking pristine!  There’s grass to cut, weeds to whack, gutters to clean, windows to wipe, weeds to pull..see!  I am getting tired JUST TYPING all of this!  Now, some folks would say “hire someone to do all your stuff!”, and I do..to some degree, but, if you REALLY know me, you probably already know that I can be a “tad bit” picky, so most of the work I would rather do myself…and then YES..complain about it!! (Every day I think I truly am becoming more like my dad…wow!!)