A Homeless Guy Saved Money, Started a Business, and Just Bought a House

A guy in Tennessee named Mario Martinez lost his house about six years ago when the bank foreclosed on it.

So he’s basically been homeless since then.  He’s been living in a tiny trailer with his dogs, but it doesn’t have heat or running water.

But there’s a newspaper in Nashville called “The Contributor” that focuses on the homeless community.  And homeless people sell it on the street as a way to make money.

So Mario started selling them about five years ago, and saved every penny he could.  Then he used that money to start a business mowing lawns.  Then he saved all THAT money . . . and just used it to put a down payment on a HOUSE.

It’s roughly 2,500 square feet, on three acres of land about 40 miles outside Nashville.

Mario was selling papers a while back when he met a realtor named Brian Kemp on the street.  And Brian was so inspired by him, he helped him qualify for a home loan.  So Mario moved into his new house last weekend.