When Exactly did the NFL Draft Become So Popular?

Thursday night at 8 p.m the “Biggest Sporting Event That Doesn’t Actually Have Any Live Sports In It” will take place in Chicago with football fans all over obsessing over that one guy that could take their team to a “World Title”!  But, HOW did all this hoopla start happening like it has?  See, the actual NFL draft as we know it, has been happening since 1936.  The draft wasn’t EVEN televised until 198, and I think that’s when this all started to roll.  Now 8-million-plus are estimated to watch JUST the first round!!  And, it now annually surpasses those fans who watch the NBA Finals, The Stanley Cup Playoffs, and most MLB post season games!!  And with this heightened interest, has spawned “Draft Experts”, that rival Punxsutawney Phil’s prognostications!!  Hour upon hour, charts, graphs, films, barometric pressure readings!!..”and Cleveland SHOULD TAKE…”, then Cleveland takes a Johnny Football!!!  Oh well, whoever my beloved team takes, I will still be there sitting in the same seats, in the same stadium, rooting them on!(you see RG-3…a SURE “CAN’T MISS” according to all those experts..now plays in Cleveland, and Johnny Football is, well…outta football!)  Grab a cold one, turn on the tube, and good luck to your team!!