Did a Nashville Makeup Artist Put Milk of Magnesia on Blake Shelton’s Face?

We’re not sure this has actually happened to BLAKE SHELTON or BRETT ELDREDGE, but the idea that it may have is too good to pass up.  RareCountry.com talked to a big time Nashville makeup stylist at the ACMs.

Her name is Amanda Craig and she’s done makeup for Blake and Brett, plus tons of others.  She was asked what she does if someone has a sunburn they need to cover-up for a TV performance, or whatever.  Her answer?  Milk of Magnesia.

She said, quote, “I put it all over the face, and I blend it and then do the normal makeup.”  She said it takes the “super-red” out of the skin.  And, it also helps with sweating.  Now you know.

In a completely different Blake Shelton story:  He spotted RANDY TRAVIS in the audience at his show on Saturday in Frisco, Texas . . . so he brought him up to the stage.  Randy hasn’t fully recovered from his stroke in 2013, but he looked great.

Blake told the crowd, quote, “Ladies and gentleman, you tell me miracles can’t happen, you’re looking at one right here . . . this guy walked out here tonight.”  Blake also called him one of his heroes.  (Here’s video.)