After a couple year Hiatus, I have come to terms with the X-MAN to come back to Rocky 104-9 and work on Saturdays!!! The negotiations were tough…..I caved in to a few of his demands…..Three Ply Toilet Paper, and Baby Powder in the restrooms. I said no to his demand of doing his show in the NUDE!!! The X-MAN is a Naturalist and spends most of his time in the nude, You can not do your show in the nude. I said absolutely not!!!!! He came back with, “I’ve Lost Over 100 Pounds”. I replied “I’m So Proud of Your weight loss, But you can’t do your show naked”!! He agreed and we hugged!!! The X-MAN is the greatest. He’s a great person and friend, and I’m very excited to have him back on The air!!!